Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


July Theme Day--Red!

This is a lovely German couple I married last year, and they chose these tropical RED outfits for their wedding ceremony on the beach in Makena.

I don't advertise my ministerial services, but I rely on word of mouth and referrals which always brings the most amazing people my way.

These other bloggers listed below are also participating in the July theme, and you can see how they've chosen to use the word "Red" in their photos.

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Green and Black

This is another one of the reflection photos I took on the Wailea Golf Course this last week. The vivid green color looks especially beautiful to me today as we view the charred, blackened hillsides on Maui and mourn the loss of so much due to the huge fire which still rages on the other side of the island. Click here for the story.

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Almost Heaven

This is the view of upcountry Maui, Ulupalakula, from Wailea. From this vantage point, it looks verdant and heavenly....and when you travel there, it's as beautiful as it looks from down below.

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On the Wailea Gold Golfcourse, some of the the ancient lava rock stonewalls have been preserved. Many of these walls were of great spiritual significance to the Hawaiian culture as they were a part of a heiau, a sacred temple. There were many heaiu's in this area at one time.

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Reflection of Maui Water Bird

This is my 'hat's-off' photo tribute post to Abraham Lincoln of Brookville, Ohio Daily Photo who is absolutely the most amazing animal, bird, and bug photographer-- and another one of the Daily Photo Bloggers who inspire me to take better photos.

I suppose someone is going to ask me what the name of this bird is, and I'll say right now, "I don't have a clue...some sort of water bird!"

Then again, this photo could be unpopular like yesterday's tree photo, a photo which didn't arouse anyone's child-like imagination and score one lousy comment! Maybe all the inner children are on summer vacation?

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Scary Tree

This tree could be painted as an illustration for a children's ghost story. Can you see the features and see what I see?

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Tranquil Reflections

Because I've been so awed and inspired by the gorgeous reflection photos on Minneapolis Daily Photos (truly one of the most artistic and gorgeous photoblogs!), I am always seeking an opportunity to post one of my own!

Since we don't have any lakes, canals, or rivers on Maui, finding water reflections is more challenging. I found this photo op yesterday on the Wailea Gold Course, a world class golf course. You'll be seeing more photos from my golf day because I discovered so many beautiful things to photograph.

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Seven Sacred Pools

This photo was taken in Hana at the Seven Sacred Pools or Oheo Gulch. I caught it on a day where it was empty...it's often full of people cooling off in the chilly water.

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Island Altars

Throughout the island there are many altars with statues of the Madonna tucked away in jungle and rural settings. This is one of the more elaborate ones--it's located in the Portuguese section of the cultural center in Iao Valley.

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Maui Meditation on Summer Solstice

Come right in and meditate with me...after all, it is the Summer/Winter Solstice, the holy day of the great turning! There are musical festivals happening all over the world, even a parade in Santa Barbara. We are going to enjoy the music of the inner worlds here on Maui. Won't you join me?

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West Maui Cool

As my partner and I were running around doing errands today, we kept kvetching about how hot it was--recorded at 92 in Kahului. We sucked down fresh smoothies in an attempt to cool off, and finally we drove over to Iao Valley just to see how much cooler it would be...and the temperature dropped 14 degrees to 78! Aren't the West Maui mountains beautiful?

Here's a link if you'd like to know more about them.

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The Moon and The Palm

Have you seen the Moon and Venus in the night sky recently? What a beautiful pair they make!

I haven't learned how to take good night shots yet, so I'm taking the Moon with our family palm tree. This couple is a strange mix, eh? If you were here, you'd appreciate it more, no doubt.

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Another Maui Sunset

This was the outtake from a Flip Video I made recently. I'm still experiencing the learning curve uploading videos, but hopefully soon I will be able to offer some videos here as well as photos.

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Peek Into The Garden

This photo was taken as you enter the Tedeschi Winery in Ulupalakula.

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Pele's Hair PLANT

Over here what is called 'Spanish Moss' elsewhere is called Pele's Hair. This plant lives on air!

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Off to Surf

I like this shot because it demonstrates two ways to carry your surfboard.

Have a great weekend!

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Funny Maui Signs

This is another funny sign I discovered. The tree branches are so high that to try and reach one you would need to be a leaping seven foot tall basketball player. The tree is very old, and even then, I didn't get ALL of it in the photo.

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I went hiking last weekend with my daughter in the Maui outback, and I photographed lots of petroglyphs. The first one looks like a sailing vessel to me. Could they have been carved by some of the early Polynesian explorers who traveled to Maui?

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Cow Crossing

This sign makes me laugh because it's posted in a developed area where many new homes are being built and with everything fenced in!

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Two Views of a Cruise Ship

Ming recently inquired where others would like to run away to, and here's my answer: I'd like to travel the world on a cruise ship!

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Hawaii's Merry Monarch

I took this photo of a photo hanging at the Tedeschi Winery in Ulupalakua. King David Kalakaua was the last King of Hawaii and also known as the Merry Monarch because of his passion for entertainment, parties, poker, food, and champagne. You can read more about him here.

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Trees on Maui

I love trees--all kinds of trees! Every week I find myself photographing yet another beautiful tree, and here are three of the many photographs I took of trees recently.

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Silversword--Only On Haleakala

The endangered Haleakala Silversword Plant grows ONLY one place in the world!

To read more about the Silversword, click here.

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Maui Cows

It's not commonly known in these 'tourist' times that Maui was once a cattle ranching island. There are still a couple of big, famous ranches left, and if you travel upcountry Maui, you will see lots of grazing cattle in the fields. If you visit the old cowboy town, Makawao, you will see signs that you're in cowboy country. Maui Cattle Company is well known as the best tasting beef anywhere.

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Premium Protea

Proteas are grown in upcountry Maui and shipped all over the world. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. This is why they were named after the Greek god Proteus who was able to change his form at will.

They make beautiful, dramatic bouquets which last a long time. I hope they continue to grow here considering the threat from the mites destroying the honeybees. I posted about this threat yesterday in my blog Who's Yo Mama.

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Buddha Blessings

We recently visited the beautiful Ali'i Kula Lavender Gardens in upcountry Maui on the verdant slopes of the crater. The grounds were enchanting, and the gift shop was stocked with fabulous lavender products which they make themselves. We sampled the lavender lemonade and lavender scones--a different treat to be sure. Owner Ali'i Chang has planted "45 different varieties of lavender, and over 75 quality products [are] available."

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Solitary Sentinel of Makena

I've photographed lots of feral cats as I've hiked Maui, but this one I love because of the contrast of the white against the dark. This cat also has unusual markings with a black nose and a black tail! Makena Beach is ringed with kiawe trees which have sharp thorns, so it's wise to wear sandals or flip flops when walking near these trees. Even then, I've had a kiawe thorn pierce a rubber flip flop. I'm not going to describe the pain of stepping on one without a shoe!

The first seed came from Paris, no less! Father Bachelot, the first Catholic priest in the Hawaiian Islands, planted a tree that he had raised from a seed he had brought with him from Paris.

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What kind of car is this?

We recently sailed over to the neighboring island of Lanai. Running around on this small island, we spotted a small interesting gift shop and it's mascot car sitting out front of it. What kind of car is this?

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Looking For The Next Wave

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