Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


November Theme Day--BLUE!

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Happy Halloween!

It's been a tradition for the last 16 years for my partner and me to attend the Lahaina Halloween Street Festival, but this year we won't be attending because I'm still recuperating and don't want to push myself. Nor do I feel up to a fabulous Halloween Party we've been invited to either. So our Halloween will be a quiet dinner out with just the two of us--not even dressed up in costumes. It feels weird to not be celebrating this holiday!

From what I've read in the newspapers and because of some complaints, the Maui Police Department is going to be out in force with even more men/women patrolling the Lahaina streets where the outdoor Halloween party is held as well as putting up roadblocks to check out revelers/drivers.

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Maui's Biggest Cinemaplex

The largest cinemaplex on Maui is located in Maui Mall, and there's probably at least twelve theaters inside...all with very comfortable seating. This is what the front looks like at night...rather Halloweenish, eh? There are never enough employees to staff the place, and after purchasing our tickets the other evening for the new movie about Jesse James, there wasn't anyone even taking ticket stubs at the door. Employees are hard to come by on Maui.

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Counting Down The Days Til Halloween

These decorations are in the center court of the Maui Mall and are illuminated at night.

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Full Moon Over Maui

I took this photo of the Full Moon early this morning. Having watched the Moon last night from moonrise to now when it's setting, I can't honestly say that it's size measured up to the hype about it's size. Since the Moon was supposed to appear larger than normal due to it being close to Earth, I wanted to check it out. Perhaps it seemed larger in other places in the world? Did it seem larger to any of you?

In any event, I posted on another one of my blogs--my astrology blog--about this subject if anyone is interested: Moonlight Becomes Me.

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Words To Remember On The Side Of A Car

With the devastation happening in California from the out-of-control fires, the evacuations of nearly a million people, and the subsequent FEARS in the Mass Consciousness growing by leaps and bounds, these words, "You Are Forever" are good to remember and reflect upon.

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Lama and His Cat

Last week we received a phone call from our beloved Lama friend who had just returned from a 3 month visit to Tibet. He had lots of gifts for us, and especially for me, he had a protective talisman necklace and bracelet. Since my health issues have arisen, he's been praying for me in his style. How could I not get better with his prayers? His cat was so friendly and had beautiful leopard-like markings.

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My Healing Tomatoes

A number of years ago, I paid a well-known nutritionist/dowser/healer for a report to determine which foods are beneficial to me and which aren't--and tomatoes are!!

I stuck with this eating plan for quite a while, and then I went off of it as I was tempted by foods which aren't good for me. Lately, with a major health issue I've been dealing with, I've put myself back on the PLAN as part of my protocol to become well again.

Since I'm still very weak and may need several months for full recovery and convalescence following my incidence of pleurisy, my posting may be erratic. The herbs and the care I need are being provided....and they are working....but slower than I would like as I'm usually a very active person.

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All Aboard!

This old-style trolley-like bus connects Wailea and Kihei to Kaahumanu Center, the Maui Mall, and Maui Marketplace in Kahului, and as you can read, it's FREE!

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A Place You Hope To Never Visit

And now for a dose of harsh reality--a Maui bail bonds office. I'm sure every place around the world has one or more. I don't know if anyone has ever posted a photo of one before though.

On a brighter note: Maui is ONCE AGAIN considered the "Best Island in the World in the 2007 Conde Nast Travelers magazine readers poll. Maui's been rated the "Best Pacific Island" for 17 years since polling began, but last year lost out to the Maldives. Not only did Maui win in the Best Island Category but also triumphed with the winning score of the BEST of all the world's destinations! Pretty amazing, eh?

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By The Sea, By The Sea, By The Beautiful Sea

The Maui Seaside Hotel is one of the oldest hotels on the island and is priced for the budget traveler. You'll really get the aloha local vibe if you stay here. The hotel is located in Kahului and not too far from the main airport, but vibe-wise far from the glamorous resorts of Wailea and Kaanapali. If you don't have lots of moolah, this hotel is an option.

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Local Sushi bar

This is a sushi bar which caters to the "locals". I've never been inside it as I have my favorite sushi bar closer to my home. Sushi is "big" on Maui, and you often find it offered on many menus here, even though the restaurants aren't specifically Japanese.

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Maui Money-Motivation

Maui has laws which don't allow smoking in public places, but many still smoke. This billboard is a reminder of the savings from not-smoking. You can find this large poster just as you enter the Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului.

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Fresh Maui Produce

Every Tuesday the main Maui shopping center, the Ka'ahumanu Center, hosts a Farmer's Market where you can purchase local produce. Here you see two different types of bananas at the bottom of the photo. One of these is Maui apple bananas, my favorite. Apple bananas are denser, squatter, and more delicious imho.

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The Bright Colors of Maui

In the heart of Kahului, the main business district of Maui, and along the main avenue, Ka'ahumanu Avenue, sits this funky, colorful used car lot office. You can see the tip of the Norweigan Cruise ship in the far background.

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Sarongs For Sale

Trust me...if you go to the website of the store where I photographed these hanging sarongs, Serendipity, and see the cute model wearing the sarong, the difference is HUGE! Click here to see how great sarongs look like on a model. :Smile:

I love sarongs...they're so easy to wear...I have them both long and short.

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Morning Maui Rainbow

Here's what I saw when I awoke this morning--a beautiful rainbow! In truth, I see them often as rainbows are a staple of life on Maui.

My posts don't feature big amazing memorials, structures, buildings, fountains and such for we don't have many of these here. What we have is what most people really crave when they come to the Islands:

tantalizing aromas in the air; rainbows in the skies; whales, dolphins and beautiful marine life; warm seas in which to swim, surf, and windsurf; trails to hike; waterfalls; and a huge variety of colorful characters with lots of aloha.

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A Beach, A Baby, And The Mother

Our family's been experiencing a 'bug' of some sort for the last week (or so) which is making it challenging for me to post as my energy is down. From what I've heard and read, this 'bug' is showing up all over the world. Anyone else experiencing muscle aches, fatigue, and headaches?

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A Baby And A Beach

More beach photos for ya'll! This is one of my favorites.

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A Boy And A Beach

This little boy was having as much fun as the black dog digging in the sand all by himself.

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Holy Maile Leaf

This is a wall decoration of the famous Hawaiian Maile Leaf. "The highly fragrant Maile leaves were thought to possess supernatural powers and were directly associated with the gods and goddesses of Hawaii. Hawaiians soaked their tapa (bark) cloth and clothes in large calabashes (wooden bowls) to take advantage of the sweet fragrance of the Maile leaf." Read more here and if you like, purchase the Maile Leaf on a beautiful Hawaiian quilt.

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