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Wailea Daily Photo

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We Celebrated His 5th Year Anniversary

Yesterday we joined with others to celebrate the Five-Year Anniversary of Venerable Lama Gyaltsen Tamang at the Maui Dharma Center.

Lama Gyaltsen is such a sweet, beautiful soul, and we've grown very fond of him. I photographed him yesterday inside the Temple, and then he performed an unusual act which made my S.O. and me giggle. Instead of individually putting a kata (the long white blessings scarf) around our necks as it is usually done, he put it around both of us to "renew our vows." We told him we would take turns sharing it!

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Blogger Carlos said...

You can see peace of mind reflected in his eyes. I wish I had some of that. Greetings Kuan. That for the buzz. Of course I don't mind.

May 19, 2008  
Blogger Ming the Merciless said...

What a beautiful ritual!

June 01, 2008  

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