Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


The Mystery Tree

We don't know the story about this decorated tree, and that's why I call it The Mystery Tree. Someone has gone to the effort to decorate it with ornaments, and before the rains came, the presents under the tree were beautifully wrapped. Now it looks as if someone or something decided to open one of these packages. At night, the tree is lit with tiny lights, perhaps by means of solar.

We've passed by this tree so many times during the busy Holiday Season, and my partner begged me to go and take a photo of it--which I finally did today! So now he's happy I can share this Mystery Tree with the world!

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Around Makawao Town--Five

A lovely boutique artfully showcases bamboo behind their shop in Makawao.

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Around Makawao Town--Four

I discovered a bench to rest behind one of the shops in Makawao. Of course, it was empty as everyone was busy with their Christmas shopping.

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Around Makawao Town--Three

There are places to discover in Makawao town where there's only peace and serenity, and they're tucked away between the tiny stores.

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Around Makawao Town--Two

My series of Makawao photos continues--this design is shaped like the island of Maui at the entryway of a clothing and gift shop in Makawao.

If you use your imagination and tilt your head sideways, you can see that the island of Maui is shaped like the head and bust of a woman.

I live close to the bust--South Maui.

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Around Makawao Town

Makawao has lots of small, charming shops, and here's one of the photos I took the other day while shopping there. I've tried to upload more, but Blogger is having a Christmas Eve break-down it seems.

For all my City Blogger Friends who are already experiencing Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Maui's Grinds

If you're visiting and want to eat like the locals and not spend lots of monies, Maui's Mixed Plate Restaurant in the Maui Mall is an economical place to dine.

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Lunch At Makena

Yesterday we lunched at the Makena Golf Course. The South Course is currently closed down because of construction of new homes, so we looked out upon an empty 10th hole of the South Course.

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Two Of A Kind

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My 700th Post--Ho Ho Ho!

Today is my 700th post on Wailea Daily Photo!!! And lately I've been debating how much longer I wish to continue this daily posting! Then I received a loving, encouraging email from one of the City Bloggers (Mahalo Nui Loa dear friend!) which renewed my flagging energies, and thus, I've decided to carry on...at least until post 777. :Smile:

The above photos were taken at a local sushi restaurant in the Maui Mall called Genki Sushi. The sushi chef is excellent, and the prices aren't steep!

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A Maui Christmas Claus

Can you spot what is different about this Santa Claus in the Maui Hill Condominium lobby? There is something distinctly Hawaiian.

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Fun In The Sun and Water

Continuing on our walk around the neighborhood, I saw a happy family showering at the free beach showers--a good thing to do after swimming to wash the ocean saltwater off one.

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Follow The Dragon Path

Here's another thing I spotted whilst walking around different neighborhoods the other day. I think these dragon paving stones are unique and fun.

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Buddha In The Garden

Yesterday we walked through residential neighborhoods, and I had my camera with me as I always do! This series will be photos of some of the people and places I discovered.

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Adorable Entrepreneur

I've not been blogging as much as of late because I've been on a heavy work-out routine to get in super shape for an upcoming arduous journey this coming Spring.

Today my podner and I went for long hike down streets where we rarely venture, and what a joy it was to discover this darling girl sitting all by herself selling limes, popcorn, and one of her pictures which she will draw for 25 cents. Unfortunately, we didn't have any monies on us as we weren't expecting to stumble upon her. But I may go back later and give her some business.

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See those items on the bottom of this pastry case? This is tiramasu, and imho Marco's Restaurant in Kahului makes one of the best of this desert on Maui.

BTW, as much as I love the tiramasu at Marco's, I was *good* and abstained.


Turtle UFO?

I captured a blurry photo of a (turtle) ufo flying over the South Maui Safeway parking lot this week. Perhaps the turtle reconnaissance vehicle is checking-up on the outrageous cost of food? :Smile:

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Big and Round and Foreign

I discovered this giant blow-up snow globe at the Maui Mall. Isn't it amusing to see such cold-weather decorations in the Islands?

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Just Moving Along

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Costco Christmas Cart

Yes, tis the Season again, and Costco shopping carts are loaded to the max on their way to cars.

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Christmas Decorations

Does anyone know what this is? I do, but do you?

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Ghost Trees

The trees at the entrance to the Grand Wailea Resort are wrapped with lights all year long.

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Wanna Paddle?

Stand-up paddle boards have become increasingly popular on Maui, and many places rent them so you don't have to purchase.

I've never tried it, so I don't know how challenging it is or how hard it is to direct the board. In the second photo, it looks as if the paddle boarder is heading directly towards the swimmer.

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December Theme Day--Circles and Spheres

I like the way the chandelier at the Porte Cochere of the Grand Wailea Resort contrasts to the sky light structure above it.

To see how other City Daily Bloggers interpret this theme, click on the link below.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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