Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


Dark Stars

Happy Halloween!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on a blob this morning with likenesses of Obama and McCain carved into the skin of the pumpkins and they looked pretty good. This one is more traditional but I like it as much. Nice job on the photography.

October 31, 2008  
Blogger Jilly said...

Ooooooh, I"m scared. Help! Happy Halloween, dear Kuanyin.

October 31, 2008  
Blogger Kelly said...

Somebody did a terrific job on this Jack o'Lantern! Great shot! It is hard to shoot them like this, isn't it?

November 01, 2008  
Blogger TorAa said...

It's fun - Halloween

November 01, 2008  

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