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Wailea Daily Photo

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Picnic On Top Of The World

As you may guess from the aged look of this photo...yes, it's from my archives. And the reason I'm posting it is because there's a story to go along with it.

Many long years ago one of our friends won the lottery to stay overnight in one of the cabins inside Haleakala. This was a GOOD thing, so a bunch of us hiked with our backpacks into Haleakala crater to spend the night at the cabin. This photo is of some of us eating outside the cabin. At night the sky was so incredible--you could almost reach out and touch the stars.

Should you wish to put your name into the lottery for this 'cabin' treat, click here.

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Blogger Kala said...

I read they are doing away with lottery now.

October 01, 2008  

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