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Wailea Daily Photo

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From The Vault--Take Two

I've been putting in a lot of hours working on a Father's Day project involving old photos, and in the process of sorting through them, I thought I would share some of my golden oldies with ya'll. All of these old friends whom I snapped have long ago moved away from Maui, and one has passed on over the rainbow. The photo above is of my good friend Basha when she posed for me in front of a famous health food store in Paia, Mana Foods, OH SO MANY YEARS AGO!

The store is still thriving even though she's not there to dress up the door.
M. is FEELING that rainbow! She was a famous artist and very much in touch with her feelings.
B. & M. huddle under a hut on our hike in Hana.
L. was a wonderful rider---a former French jockey.
It wasn't that easy to engage J. and make him smile, but in this photo I shot in his home, he tried!

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