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Wailea Daily Photo

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From The Vault--Take Three

This waterfall and swimming hole beneath it was the first waterfall I ever swam in when I moved to Maui. It was on private land in Haiku, and my gatekeeper showed me where it was. A gatekeeper is one who teaches you the ropes, shows you the shortcuts, and shows you where the best of everything is--and I was blessed with not one, but TWO gatekeepers when I moved to Maui many years ago.

I came to this waterfall and swam in its icy water many a time, sunned on the nearby rocks and brought my friends here too. Alas, many years ago the property was sold, and access to this enchanted waterfall and pool was closed, so now I only have great memories of time spent here.

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Blogger Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

This is a fantastic one from the vault. I've recently scanned some old photos, and while the quality isn't as clear as the digital they still tell a wonderful story.

June 19, 2008  

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