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Wailea Daily Photo

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Water Offering

Yesterday we went to view the Heart Shrine Relic Tour at the local community college on Maui, MCC. The relics have been traveling since 2001. This was the last opportunity to see them on Maui as they will be taken to be placed in the giant bronze statue of the Maitreya Project in India due for completion in 2010.

Usually these relics are enshrined in statues, stupas, or monasteries, but because the Dalai Lama requested they travel to be seen by many so as to inspire world peace, they have been traveling around the world. Many miracles are attributed to being in their presence.

For more information about the Relic Tour and the Maitreya Project, click here.

I will be posting a slide show of the relics on my other blog, Who's Yo Mama.

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Great blog

February 24, 2008  
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February 25, 2008  

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