Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


Ye Olde Gingerbread House

This Gingerbread House is located within the Stella Blues Restaurant in Kihei.

Does anyone know the legality of posting photos of others without their written consent? If so, please email me or make a comment. The reason I inquire is because I took the most adorable suited Santa Claus with a mother and her two children photo yesterday at the Mall while they are were getting their Santa Claus photo taken, and I am hesitant to post it if there would be a legal problem or other.

Merry Christmas (Mele Kalikimaka) to all of the Daily Photos and City Photos! Mu-ahhhh to Eric and Denton and all of you beautiful photo bloggers for your amazing gifts, dedication, art, and hard work! You & your photos are loved and appreciated!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Buon Natale!


December 25, 2006  
Anonymous Helen said...

Merry Christmas from Albuquerque Daily Photo!

December 25, 2006  

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