Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

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Do you recognize this symbol? I took this photo from above and looking down on a kiosk the other day at the Kaahumanu Mall.

On another note, I am jazzed/stoked/elated as my VERY first published photo arrived yesterday in the mail. I submitted a photo to the Art Wanted this past year to be included in their Art Wanted 2007 Daily Art Calendar of Photography. And one of mine got selected! Yippeee! Since I consider myself a raw, amateur photographer, this is HUGE for me. The Art Wanted site is where many photographers and artists sell their work, but I've never downloaded any of my photographs on their site yet because I haven't felt worthy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A big congrats to you!

And yes, I recognise the symbol...I used to work for them and still use them as my cell carrier! (And they are headquartered here).

I wonder if any non-Americans are familiar?

December 19, 2006  

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