Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


Entrance To Paradise--February Theme Day

February's Theme Day is Paths and Passages. Click on the link below to see how other city bloggers interpret this theme.

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Of Once-Used Imus

This structure is the Imu once used by the Renaissance Resort and now overgrown from disuse.

An Imu is "a Hawaiian "underground oven" used for cooking. Fire is used to heat riverbed rocks which are covered with banana tree stumps to create steam. Food is wrapped with heat resistant banana leaves & Ti leaves then covered with earth and sand. Left to cook underground, temperatures can reach over 450 degrees, and the surrounding area can be extremely hot."

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Once Upon A Time On Maui

This is the site of the former Renaissance Hotel Resort which was officially closed Sept 6, 2007. Rumor has it that the property was to be turned into a luxurious, five-star timeshare destination. However, with only 30% of the funds raised--so the rumor goes--the property may revert back to a hotel once again.

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Quiet Time

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Chinese New Year Number Two

Here is a another photo from the Maui Mall Chinese New Year Celebration.

Warning: this one is a bit out of focus, so don't double click, or your eyes might hurt. I decided to use it with this warning. :Smile:

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A Maui Chinese New Year Celebration

Sorting through my photos from yesterday's Maui Mall Chinese New Year celebration, I decided I liked this one the best because it's quirky.

Has this ever happened to you: you're snapping away...and suddenly someone's hand and camera pops into your shot?

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Eco Sand Path of Wailea

Not all of my favorite Wailea beach walk is concrete!

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Beach Dreams

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Thar She Blows!

Whale-watching Wailea style--it's fun watching others get excited when they view the Humpback Whales.

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Lazing By The Pool

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Just You, Me and The Sea

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Surf Is Calling

Because of the recent storms, surfers found great waves on the South Shore.

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And It Comes With A Halo

Om nom nom nom! Warm souffle cake at the Bistro Molokini at the Grand Wailea Resort is to LIVE for!

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The Master At Work

Lama Jampa Sopa creates a Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center.

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Nearly Perfect Flan

For desert at Bridget & Bernard's Restaurant yesterday, we shared this *nearly perfect* flan.

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Acne A Go-Go

I discovered this vending machine at the Queen Ka'ahumana Center, and it made me chuckle and whip out my camera from my purse. If you have acne, you can purchase a remedy from this machine.

I've read that machines will be doing most of the work in our future, and maybe this vending machine is a sign that the future is fast approaching.
What do you think? Are you seeing more and more vending machines in your cities?

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Medicine Buddha

I received a special blessing last evening from this ancient Tibetan Buddha pictured above. You can read all about it on my Who's Yo Mama blog.

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By The Sea

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Wailea Wall

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The Spiral Tree

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Shady Ocean View

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Crossing The Pali

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Way To Go

The advertising on the back of this vehicle shows another way to earn money on Maui. Kupuna means grandparents and elders.

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Green Again

Plants which had shown signs of thirst are greening-up again after the recent rains!

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Green Is The Theme

It's been raining a lot on Maui these days which has made the pastures, foliage, and trees come to life and dress in green.

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West Maui Misty Mountain View

A couple/friends of ours own a beautiful home abutting the wilderness which has a great unobstructed view of the West Maui Mountains. This view feels like a Chinese painting at different times of the day as the light changes.

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The Color Purple

If you've been viewing this blog long enough, you'll notice I feature unique cars from time to time. Rarely do I post photos of expensive cars--just unusual one-of-kind cars like this one.

Oh, I almost forgot: Happy New Year!!! Mahalo for your visits to my photo blog.

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