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Our friends planted this bamboo when they bought their property in Huelo on Maui about ten years ago, and since bamboo is the fastest growing plant of all time and since Huelo gets a fair share of rain, now theirs has grown to this giant bamboo!

The top photo is the bottom of the bamboo, and the bottom photo is the top of the bamboo! Beautiful, isn't it?

I'm a huge bamboo lover and have many things bamboo in my home, and I would love to live in a home made of bamboo!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bamboo is also invasive and for that reason nurseries here in Ohio where I live are not allowed to sell it. I bought some years ago before the ban went into effect and planted it and it leaped over foundations and went outside my fence using those underground rhizomes which wander anywhere they want to go.

This stand of bamboo in your photograph is more mature and looks lovely. I am not sure but I would guess that this is a different kind of bamboo than the stuff that I had bought so long ago.

Your photographs of it are very nice and really tell the story about how large this stuff gets.

I suppose you have read about or heard the story that bamboo is the only food the Panda bears of China can or do eat. And that bamboo dies at specific times in its life and when it dies the Chinese will not have any bamboo to feed them. The reason is that all kinds of bamboo dies at this time and none is left alive.

I have not read the whole story behind it in years but your photo is enough to get me started.

May 03, 2008  
Blogger Kuanyin said...

Mahalo Nui Loa Abraham for your knowledgeable information! I hadn't read the story about bamboo dying--very interesting and will research this!

May 03, 2008  
Blogger Jim said...

I didnt know it got that big. Nice pictures of it.

May 04, 2008  

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