Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii



These musicians played at the Grand Wailea Resort on Thanksgiving day.

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Mahalo Maui

We enjoyed an amazing sunset on Thanksgiving Day. Mahalo is translated as Thank You for those that don't know.

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I'm Grateful Today...

for Aloha

for Warm Smiles

for Ice Cream Cones

and to to the Daily City Bloggers far and wide!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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The Creative Balancing Act

Here's another unusual niche: create income by offering pet pics with Santa!

Since many Maui folk have been laid-off or given less work hours because of the lack of revenue from tourism, they are becoming very creative with money-making ventures.

Has this happened in your neighborhood or city too?

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Finding Your Niche

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If You Have To Wait....

These photos were taken at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului, and I decided to do a theme about WAITING. I'm guessing this guy (above) is probably a Tour Guide or driver, and he's waiting on his group while they shop.And this guy might be waiting for someone to pick him up outside the center.
And this comfortable chair is awaiting the next person who waits.

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Watching The World Go By

I've been spending more time at home as of late (mostly sleeping!) because of a bad cold, and when awake, I've been sky-gazing. Here's what our Maui sunset looked like last evening.

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Farm-Fresh Proteas

Here are MORE flowers for sale at Long's Drugstore--buckets of proteas. Proteas are an another flower grown on Maui and shipped all over the world.

According to Wikipedia: "The genus Protea was named in 1735 by Carolus Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus who could change his form at will, because proteas have such different forms."

I love proteas, and one of the best places to find protea bouquets cheaply is alongside the roadside in areas like Kula, Huelo, and Hana where there is an honor system in place. You simply put your monies into a safe or a bin located at the stand and select your bouquet.

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Purple Haze

These orchids are for sale at Long's drugstore in South Maui. To purchase orchids at a cheaper price, try farmer's markets or Maui orchid farms.

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Smile For The Camera

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Change of Season

Maui doesn't have gorgeous fall foliage or dramatic change of seasons which you will find in other parts of the world. Our seasons slide into one another with grace. However, many transplants to Maui decorate as IF the seasons change and put up seasonal decorations.

The best season for Maui is the November-May time period. Yes, the ocean water is a bit chillier, but still quite swim-able..the nights are cooler, and there is very little need for air conditioning.

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Brewing Beer in Hawaii

Kona Brewing Company is the largest microbrew company in Hawaii and has been in business since 1996. Check out their website here.

Maui also has it's own microbrew companies such as Maui Brewing Company.

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Blooming Red

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Another Contender For Fast Heart Beats

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Love At First Sight

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The Meeting

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Going Down!

And what is the price of YOUR gas these days?

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Through The Looking Glass

The photo above is mysterious to me, and I don't like every little detail, but all in all, it has qualities which intrigue me.

The art inside the gallery is a photograph of a canyon, and one can also see a reflection of a window from across the street in Lahaina.

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Election Day and Post Number 666!

Since today is a BIG day for voting in the USA, I decided to conduct my own vote on this, my 666th post!

Shown here are two couples I photographed on Halloween night, 2008, in Lahaina.

Which one of these couples is the SCARIEST?

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Another Lahaina Halloween Photo

This guy was happy to pose for me. Because of the new law requiring people to only walk on the sidewalks (and not on the streets as in years past), it was much harder trying to get good shots of others in their costumes. Most Maui people aren't happy at all with this new law, and least of all are the Lahaina merchants who lost lots of money!

Tomorrow will be my 666th post on Wailea Daily Photo, and so I'll post my scariest photo of Halloween night for this post. :Smile:

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Gorilla Flirtation

We showed up at the annual Lahaina Front Street Halloween party again this year, and I'll post some of the people I photographed in the following days.

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