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Dream Home

This is a photo of my "dream home" which I regularly drive by and talk to. I tell her, "You're mine, baby!" and other endearments which I won't share as they're private. Realtor friends of mine invited me to visit this home when she was for sale several years ago, and they held an open-house. My daughter went to the open-house with me, and we both agreed this home was designed for US! This open-house event was about four years ago, and at that time, this home was selling for 9.8 million. With the price of real estate on Maui now, I can't imagine what she must be worth now. However, she isn't for sale. I've been in many a beautiful home in Wailea/Makena, but I'm loyal to this one--she has my heart. This photo doesn't do "my home" justice, and it's impossible to get close because of the fence surrounding the property...plus she's set a good deal back away from the road.

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Blogger Gattina said...

Can't see very much but think that with that price it would be my dream house too !

August 16, 2006  

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