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Wailea Daily Photo

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Our cable has been down for many, long days, and thus, I'm unable to post new photos to this blog. Today the cable guy is FINALLY *supposed* to arrive, so I can get back int0 my big computer and post photos once more.

Rather than wait any longer, I decided to post photos from my archives on my laptop until the problem is resolved. Mahalo for your patience!

This photo is of my partner and me on a horseback ride at a ranch on the North Shore of Maui many years ago. If this photo looks fuzzy and ancient, that's because it is! He is wearing a bandanna on his head, so if his head looks odd, this is why.

We love to ride and have taken many horseback adventures around the world. We don't keep horses or ride every day because our busy lifestyle prevents us from doing so, but we're both ardent horse lovers.

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Blogger Monoi said...

So breathtaking & love your horse chomping on the local feed.

March 03, 2009  
Blogger Olivier said...

on doit faire de superbe balade à cheval chez toi.
they must play superb walk on horseback to you.

March 03, 2009  
Blogger angela said...

Scenery and horses what a fabulous combination...you both look very relaxed..

March 04, 2009  
Blogger W. A. Whipple said...

Is it the way the horse is standing, or an optical illusion - that horse looks very long! I really wanted to go riding when we visited Maui, but my husband is not a fan of horseback riding.

March 05, 2009  

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