Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


After The Rain Comes The Sun

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Putting In Paradise

The reason I like this photo is it's blurry/dreamy vibe. Golfing on Maui is the dream of many golfers.

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True Beauty

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Cool Pool View

I visited a friend, a "snowbird", and this is the view from her rented condo which faces the ocean.

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Obi Sash Wedding Dress

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Money Has Many Faces

This photo is from my abundant archives, but if fits in with the VFXY Theme of the day: Money!

Money, or lack of money, seems to be a prevalent theme in many lives these days, eh? And what is your relationship with money?

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Rescue At Sea

At a recent party I chatted with a professional photographer who was photographing the event. Our conversation concluded along these lines:

Him: Are you a professional?
Me: Nah, an amateur who just loves taking photos.
Him: Do you take lots of photos?
Me: Oh yes, lots and lots.
Him: Well, then you're a professional.
Me: Why so?
Him: This is what professionals do. One of the many will tell the story.

I'm referencing this conversation today because of the photo I posted above. It tells a story. If you click on it, you will see a lifeguard on a jet ski towing what looks to be a small boat with a person in it. I have no idea what happened, but after downloading the photo, I grokked what was happening.

I had simply been doing what I always do: taking lots and lots and lots of photos. 98% of them are trashed, but every now and then, one has a intriguing or provocative story.

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The Wedding Singer

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Swan Heart Reflection

I didn't notice the perfect heart reflection when I took this photo, but after downloading the photo, the heart really struck me.

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Jump The Wave

This beautiful sculpture is located on the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Resort in Kaanapali.

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Harbor Shopping

This small outdoor mall, Harbor Shops & Restaurants, fronts the Maalea Harbor and is located next to the Maui Ocean Center. Between the four attractions of shopping, eating, viewing, and boating, you've got a long, good day ahead of you.

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In Loving Memory

As we were driving through Paia recently on our way to a party, I photographed this car's back window memorials.

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From The Archives

Our cable has been down for many, long days, and thus, I'm unable to post new photos to this blog. Today the cable guy is FINALLY *supposed* to arrive, so I can get back int0 my big computer and post photos once more.

Rather than wait any longer, I decided to post photos from my archives on my laptop until the problem is resolved. Mahalo for your patience!

This photo is of my partner and me on a horseback ride at a ranch on the North Shore of Maui many years ago. If this photo looks fuzzy and ancient, that's because it is! He is wearing a bandanna on his head, so if his head looks odd, this is why.

We love to ride and have taken many horseback adventures around the world. We don't keep horses or ride every day because our busy lifestyle prevents us from doing so, but we're both ardent horse lovers.

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