Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


Early Signs of Spring

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Maui Landmarks

The sugar refinery plant is a famous Maui landmark, and one of the best places to capture a photo of it is on a winding back road, a famous short cut to eliminate the traffic you will encounter traveling through Kahului, the main business district of Maui.

If you'd like to know more about sugar production and the history, click here.

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Whale Footprint

Whales make a footprint which is visible on the surface of the water-- a circular area where the surface of the water is smoother than the surrounding water. The whale's tail creates a vortex as it moves through the water just below the surface.

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Such A Beauty

Yesterday we threw a bridal shower for a good friend, and this little guy took the cake for being the youngest, shortest, and most adorable attendee!

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Outside Your Gate

How would you like to have the ocean as your backyard as does this beautiful residence in Paia, Maui?

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The Aloha Spirit

This gentleman was happy to pose for a photo. We discovered him singing to himself as he sat on boxes in Costco.

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A Whale Of A Day

Our whale-watching boat got "mugged" today by a curious whale. Mugging is the term used when a whale comes close to your boat to check ya out. Do you see what I see?

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Here It Comes!

This is the third photo in my series of children on Maui's beaches.

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Here I Come!

This is the second of my series of children on Maui's beaches.

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Just Me and The Sea

This photo is the first in a series of children enjoying a Maui beach.

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Leaving Maalea Harbor

Maalea Harbor is one of several Maui marinas, and it is from here many tour boats leave for whale watching in the winter months.

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Plumeria Heart

Wishing everyone a day full of LOVE a day before Valentine's Day since most of this special day I'll be aboard a boat in the Maui waters.

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For The Love

Yesterday my partner and I were shopping at Costco in Kahului when we spotted this AMAZING service dog with his friend. We were both struck by the PRESENCE of this dog, and actually it seemed as if this dog was more like an angel in a dog's body! The way this very special service dog walked...the aura...the energy...well, I was blown away, and since I'm more of the introverted, sensitive type and am lucky to have an extroverted partner, I asked him if he wouldn't ask this man and very special dog for a photo. He obliged, and then he requested his companion to sit down for this photograph.

I can feel the love and respect these two have for one another in this photo.

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Protea For The Right Price

One sees many little flower stands selling inexpensive proteas and other flowers in Kula.

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Mossy Streambed

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A Home With A View

This charming Victorian style home in Kula has a great view of the valley and ocean far below.

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Hanging With Fred

Fred Lacar and Pema Ayers played for us last evening at a small dinner party. They perform every weekend at Grandma's Coffee House in Keokea.

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The Perfect Ending

If you're looking for my Sky Watch Friday post, it's on my Maui Skies blog.

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Dining Delight

Whenever M. visits Maui, we dine at her favorite restaurant in Ka'anapali, Basil Tomatoes Italian Grille. Ka'anapali was once the playground for Hawaiian Royalty.
This amusing t-shirt was pinned to the wall. Your thoughts?

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After The Rain--The Blooms

Many plants are blooming on Maui and at our home--assisted, no doubt, by the generous rainfall of recent weeks. The mosquito plants on one of our decks are blooming tiny pink flowers. I just planted these mosquito plants about a year ago, and since that time, they've grown a LOT.

Mosquito plants are so named because they keep away mosquitoes. Click here if you'd like to read more about mosquito plants.

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Wave Waiting

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