Wailea Daily Photo

Wailea Daily Photo

Photoblog of Maui, Hawaii


Beautiful Bamboo

Bamboo is also one of my favorites, and like the palm trees I featured yesterday, I photograph bamboo a lot. Bamboo groves and forests are very peaceful and have such great vibrations--wonderful places to meditate too.

Check out these great companies which promote, educate, and sell this wonderful plant on Maui:

Bamboo Maui
Bamboo Living
Whispering Winds

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love bamboo and planted some once and was warned that it was or is very invasive. I chose to ignore that and ended up with a kind of nightmare underground. I did, eventually, get it out and no pieces left to start over. But it was beautiful stuff while it grew. I like your photo of it too. And that reminded me that in Japan they used a lot of bamboo to make scaffolding with or front and tied it all together with strips of bamboo.

Abraham Lincoln
About Abraham Lincoln

August 05, 2007  
Blogger kuanyin333 said...

Yes, Abraham, bamboo can be invasive...that's for sure. It's the fastest growing plant on the planet.

August 06, 2007  
Blogger graceonline said...

Wonderful image! There are many beautiful and non-invasive varieties of bamboo, so don't give up! Bamboo is a grass and comes in both the rhizome (spreading) type and the clumping type, so ask your local nursery for a clumping variety known not to be invasive. Want more? Learn about this amazing plant and it's many varieties and uses at That's bamboo? Wow!.

November 13, 2007  

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